Gokou no Yu

Gokou no Yu is located in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City.
It is derived from the name of Gokonomiya Shrine.

Gokonomiya Shrine
According to local legend, the name of the shrine was called “Mimoro Jinja” originally.
In Jōgan 4 (862AD), pleasantly fragranced fresh spring water sprang up from the precincts.
It was reported that anyone who drank from this spring had become healthy and cured of any illness that they had.
Since then, the shrine has been renamed “Gokonomiya”

Here at ALA HOTEL,
with our best wishes to our guests in mind, we name our communal baths “Gokou no Yu”.

A large communal bath that helps you relax and unwind.
There are both indoor and outdoor baths available in each men's and women's baths.
You can immerse yourself in the tranquility while feeling the breeze of Kyoto.

Powder Corner

It is a warm and comfortable space where guests can freshen up after taking their baths.

Locker Room

The dressing room provides you with clean and spacious area to change.


Access to the baths is available to hotel guests only. Guest Room Key Cards are required to unlock the entrance to the baths.

Ladies' Key Card

The entrance to the large communal bath for women cannot be opened without a Ladies' Key Card. Female guests can use it with confidence.

Location:10th floor

Time of Operation:
15:00 ~ 23:00 , 6:00~10:00am the next day

Rest Area Outside the Public Baths

Guests can relax their minds and bodies in the beautiful space provided with the tsubo garden in view after taking their baths.