We, at ALA Hotel Kyoto, are constantly thinking of and holding our customers in our hearts and mind.
We also would like to convey the three "ALA"s to you.

Galaxy - A time of majestic and brilliant bliss.

Balance - A space where tradition and innovation interweave together.

Process - The joy of snuggling up to your moments "


The Japanese spirit
invites you to a comfortable healing journey.

Front / Lobby

Meet the charm of "Kyo"
The entrance to your journey

A welcoming and sophisticated space that fuses
together tradition and modernity. The magnificent
art deco brick wall in the lobby lets our customers
see the beauty of Kyoto’s changing seasons.
With warm hearts, we welcome our guests to enjoy
our offerings of "Kyo" hospitality.


Engraved in the eternal beauty of "Kyo".

The decoration of the petals enhances the beauty
and sophisticated space.
The warmth of wood welcomes you to sit back and
relax in this elegant lounge.

Big Bath

Quiet warmth that unwinds your mind and body.

Breathe deeply both physically and mentally.
"Gokou no Yu" warms the body from the core where you can de-stress and unwind.


We offer breakfast buffet with a variety of dishes made with seasonal
ingredients. Please enjoy the many dishes that adds "kyo" colour to your heart's content.

Location:2nd floor

Time:6: 30 ~ 9: 30 (Last order at 9:00)

* The picture of the dish is an image.
* Depending on availability, set breakfast menus (choice of Japanese or Western style) may be offered instead of the breakfast buffet.


There is a key card reader at the entrance. For hotel guests use only.
(※Sports shoes andgarments will not be provided.)

Location:2nd floor

Hours of operation:
15:00~23:00 , 6:00~10:00am the next day

Other Equipment


The tsubo garden with different
expressions on each floor represents
various senses of "Kyo" of this ancient


To access the women's l
aundry room a Lady's Card
Key is required. Female
customers can use it with
Location: 10th floor

Vending Machines

Location: Each floor

Smoking Room

Locations: 3rd to 10th floor